Cataract Surgery’s Impact on Dementia

Failing senses are a key risk factor in developing dementia as one ages. Scientists are learning that if sight and hearing are preserved, it goes a long way towards preventing a slide into dementia. A recent study on the impact of having cataract surgery is further proof of this theory. Kaiser Permanente studied more than 3,000 people and reported that “Researchers have now found that subjects who underwent cataract surgery had nearly 30% lower risk of developing dementia from any cause compared with those who did not. This lowered risk persisted for at least a decade after surgery. Cataract surgery was also associated with lower risk of Alzheimer disease dementia specifically.”

It’s important to note that individuals that already have dementia realized little, if any gain having cataract surgery after the fact. Still, quality of life is likely improved even for these patients.

Our doctors at Lake Howell Eye Associates can detect if you or a loved one has the beginning of cataracts, or even cataracts in advanced stages.Ā  They can help find solutions to maximize good vision until the appropriate time for surgery, then facilitate getting the best surgical solution, as well as provide post-operative care.

Learn more about the specifics of Kaiser’s study at The Daily American using the link below:

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