Viatris is First to Receive FDA Approval of Generic Restasis®

There are many over-the-counter dry eye products, but very few prescription drugs that are specifically for treating dry eye. The most popular prescrition drug for dry is undoubtedly Restasis, which is a Cyclosporine emulsion. While Restasis is an effective treatment option, it’s not cheap, and cost has been a significant barrier for some patients. We’re excited to announce that a generic version of ophthalmic Cyclosporine – Viatris – has received FDA approval and should be available for prescribing soon.

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Consulting with one of our doctors can help determine if Restasis, Viatris, or other medication is appropriate for your dry eye condition.  Contact our office for a dry eye evaluation or complete eye exam if you’re due for a comprehensive review of your eyes’ health.

For more information about Viatris, see the following press release:


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