Appointment Policy

An appointment in our schedule is a bond of trust that we will be here to serve you and you will be present for treatment. We strive to create a schedule that most efficiently provides for the needs of all of the patients we serve.

Our appointment policy

Please arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals cause schedule delays for those patients who arrive promptly at their appointment time. Late arrivals will be worked into the schedule if time allows or re-appointed to another day. Our office policy is firm in this regard.


Additionally, while we understand that things may come up, it’s very important that we receive notice of a change in plans at least 24-hours in advance.
Please view our practice cancellation policy for for more details.
We respect our patients’ time and make every effort to remain on schedule. If you are going to be late, we ask that you please notify us. If you are significantly delayed, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Because of the level of service we provide our patients, your appointment is especially held just for you, so that we have the right amount of time for your visit at our office.

Our Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you make every effort to give us at least a 24-hour notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. It is our policy to charge $20 per patient for a broken appointment or no call no show.

When you give us 24-hour notice, your reserved time can be made available for another patient.

When patients do not show for their appointment or do not give us adequate cancellation notice, we are not given the opportunity to reschedule that time with another patient who has a the need to come in promptly.
Thank you for understanding the value of our cancellation policy to each of our patients.

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